Second Phase of New Normal , Bali will open on July 31 for Domestic Tourist

As we all know that Governor of Bali announced that the island will open for international tourist from 11 of September 2020 as the third phase of new normal . While 31 of July we will open fro domestic tourist . Mr Governor , Sir I Wayan Koster explained that Bali administration had prepared a three-phase plan on relaxing restrictions to welcome tourists to the island. The first phase started on July 9 when the administration began reopening local businesses and tourist spots for residents of Bali .

First phase on 9th of July where we start to open all the sites including beaches for only local peoples who living in Bali Island . Second phase next 5 days Bali island will open for domestic visitors and finally on 11 September for international tourist .

The governor explained that his administration had set up health protocols at tourist destinations and other public places to curb transmission of the highly contagious coronavirus. He would also require international tourists to be tested negative for COVID-19 prior to their trips.

“International tourists would be required to provide negative COVID-19 test results that are valid for two weeks in accordance with the circular issued by the transportation minister,” he said.

Tourism in Bali has been hit hard by the global pandemic, which has cut off travel to the island, hence the sharp decline in tourists this year.

Koster said international tourists visiting Bali contributed to 41 percent to the country’s tourism revenues, amounting to around Rp 116 trillion (US$7.97 billion).

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo previously urged regional administrations to ensure that tourism in the new normal era provided tourists with safety and comfort so that they could stay longer and spend more.

Koster said that, in 2019, 6.3 million international tourists visited Bali, accounting for 39 percent of international tourism in the country.

“However, we don’t want to focus solely on international tourists, since the potential for local tourists is also great,” Koster said .