Welcoming Domestic Tourist in Bali , July , 30th 2020

A vice Governor of Bali together with a number of tourism association leader and the airport authorities welcoming a number of tourist who arrive at Domestic terminal , 31 July 2020 . About 84 domestic tourist arrived with Garuda Airlines from Jakarta marked by giving the flowers and warm greeting by the vice governor of Bali , Cok Ace .

Accompanied by head of tourism and culture of Bali’s Department remarked that the ceremonial is to thanks to first arrival of Domestic tourist on the first day of opening day tourism in Bali . Bali economy being hit by COVID 19 situation and the tourism industry were closed since March 22 , 2020 and start open on 31 JUly 2020 yesterday . On the first day of opening for tourism , there are expecting around 60 flight schedule from domestic flight .

The opening day of Bali Tourism along with National holiday of Idhul Adha celebration . The Muslim holiday , as we know the majority of Indonesia population are Muslim believer . The vice Governor said there’s no target , ” We ignore the number target first , but on this phase it’s still under an evaluate and monitoring . We wishing Bali still be a comfortable place to visit and save destination . Therefore Bali government strictly applying the health protocols ” .

The second man in Bali said the application of fairly stringent procedures at the entrance and the seriousness shown by the Balinese people in handling Covid-19 became part of efforts to instill confidence and build tourist confidence. He then compared the situation after the bomb terror, in which vital objects, including tourist attractions, were heavily guarded by the police and army. “If there was terror before, tourists would be uncomfortable and afraid of the tight security of the security forces. But after terror, it actually gives a sense of security. Just like now, by applying a pretty strict entry procedure, psychologically it will give a sense of comfort, “he explained. In addition to providing a sense of security and comfort for tourists, the inspection procedures imposed at the entrance of Bali also aim to protect the Balinese people. “So both of them got hit, our citizens are protected. Tourists also feel safe visiting, “he added

Tanah Lot Temple
Ulun Danu Temple


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