It’s a bit odd especially for thus who not living in Bali or the young generation . ARAK known as local liqueur made from palm liquid distillation . This Palm liquid known as TUWAK , tuwak also contain of alcohol and used for local party in a very cheap cost hehehe.

Arak Bali
Arak Bali

Since our governor said about Arak , our local liqueur can help to recover from COVID deseas , lot of reaction from local or international netizen . Most of them are lough , because so far ARAK commonly use for drink and get drunk in local party .

We have a new traditional healing method that’s being used on positive patients. The infected asymptomatic] patients who are quarantined are being treated with a traditional healing method using Balinese arak,” Koster said during a press conference in Denpasar yesterday.

“It’s very effective to speed up the covid patients’ recovery. Two days of being confirmed positive and then the patient receives this treatment, on the third day they tested negative.”

According to reports, 19 asymptomatic patients have so far been given the treatment, and 15 of them are said to have recovered from COVID-19. Koster said that it takes about three days for asymptomatic patients to recover since the first treatment.

The governor reportedly assigned a number of researchers to the task, and the treatment involves using the concoction which contains Balinese arak, lest you forget ⁠, being steamed for inhalation using a vaporizer-type device.

Koster is optimistic that asymptomatic patients in the province, numbering around 400 in total, will recover much more quickly with the treatment.

Arak Bali
The making process of Arak Bali

But did we know that ARAK for the decade used for BALI USADA ( medical treatment ) , especially for old generation . Pure ARAK distillation mixes with many kind of herbs , it’s called ARAK IJUNG . This special ARAK widely known and brought by EAST BALI peoples , Karangasem regency .

I went to east Bali and some places I founded an extreme way how to make this liqueur as their health treatment . In Tenganan Village , one of the ancient village in Bali , I met a person who produce ARAK IJUNG . He have a big bottle of glass bottle with ARAK and several animal fetuses .

“Can’t find this. These ingredients are not accidentally searched, but just by chance. So if someone is hunting, then someone happens to be pregnant, I take it, “he said .

He also said the ARAK IJUNG was made several years ago. Currently, hunting has been banned in the Tenganan village forest. In addition to animal fetuses, some material from plants such as ginseng is also included in the extreme drink.
To make ARAK IJUNG , the liqueur used must be number one Balinese ARAK, or ARAK BALI of the highest quality.

“This drink can last long. Not every time also consume it. Later, even if it is finished, the wine will be filled again, “Putu Arsa said later.

For its usefulness, Putu Arsa did not explain in detail and finaly I try one small shot oif this special ARAK

When entering the mouth, the taste of wine is not far different from normal wine. The bitter taste of Balinese arak dominates, but the difference is a slight rancid taste. It is likely that the effects of fetuses that have long been soaked .

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